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YJ Sanskruti and YJ Aryaman with Cricketer Harbajan Singh
at Times Education Boutique 2015 (24-4-2015)

Earth Day April 22
PSA by BBN 2014 Malad SC Week3 Team C Think Globally Act Locally


Celebrating creativity, Celebrating children is our motto, and we believe very strongly that the youth of today should have a platform to air their opinions. RYAN TV is a revolutionary idea aiming to harness the reach and popularity of the Internet through information, entertainment and edutainment resources. We, at Ryan TV believe in using social and value based broadcasting as a strong tool to shape young minds. As someone once said "Vision without action is a dream; action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference". A positive difference is exactly what we aim at achieving through Ryan TV. ...read more

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Certificate Distribution of BBN Summer Batch 1 - 2015 RIS Malad (4-4-2015)

Festival of Floats at Malad (15-2-2015)

let these devices not take our social life
(PSA) BBN 2014 Malad Christmas Batch Team A