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Celebrating creativity, Celebrating children is our motto, and we believe very strongly that the youth of today should have a platform to air their opinions. RYAN TV is a revolutionary idea aiming to harness the reach and popularity of the Internet through information, entertainment and edutainment resources. We, at Ryan TV believe in using social and value based broadcasting as a strong tool to shape young minds. As someone once said "Vision without action is a dream; action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference". A positive difference is exactly what we aim at achieving through Ryan TV.

Its target audience is the X-gen, i.e., the next generation. India is a young country, with more than 54% of Indians being 25 years old and less. This channel will be an 'Edutainment' channel aimed at providing practical value based entertainment to its viewers.

Apart from the various programmes, we also have a lot of exciting contests lined up for everyone. The first mega event on Ryan TV started with the annual Ad film festival known as (IAFA). IAFA Awards is the world's first online Ad -Film making contest for students in the age group 11 years to 21 years.

BBN - Beyond Breaking News

The Ryan International Schools, through its media initiative Ryan TV , has taken giant strides in this regard and had launched the BBN (Beyond Breaking News) course for the benefit of those interested in T.V. News journalism. Over the past years over 2000 plus students from Ludhiana, Gondia, Surat, Vapi, Delhi, Noida, Gr Noida, Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai have completed the BBN course. These students can be seen on TV channels, Social Media Networks like Facebook ( ), YouTube ( and ).

YJ's - Young Journosknows!!!

Students (11 to 21yrs.) who complete the BBN course qualify as YJs - Young Jourknows. These students can be seen on Topper TV (DTH) television channel, in a programme called Young Jourknows. The new path-breaking show 'Young Jourknows' takes the viewers beyond Breaking News, bringing them news of the people, for the people, but by the Youth!

Media Studies

Ryan TVTM was started in 2008 by the Ryan International Group of Institutions, with the aim of providing media development for its students. Embodying the vision of Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, Chairman of the Ryan International Group of Institutions; of equipping the students with skills to explore and realize their multiple talents, RIGI, through its media initiative Ryan TVTM, carries out various media courses for students as part of the curriculum as well as through separate short term training courses.

Ryan TVTM has been designed keeping in mind the web as well as other media. Basic all round media development to students, is being given in the fields of content creation for production and post production work in short films, advertising, and TV News Presentation and Production.

Media Studies for the students of RIS Chembur was started in October 2010. Here the students of RIS Chembur from the 4th to the 8th standards and 3rd to 8th from RGS Chembur are reaping the benefits of Meida Studies.

Needless to say the students are learning the basics of film making in all its stages, pre-production, production and post production. As Robert Altman said, "Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes" and Media Studies enables the students to comprehend and pursue one more career option when they leave school to begin the rest of their life.

Ryan's IAFA

Ryan TV web portal of the Ryan International Group of Institutions continues to organize the World's First Online Ad Film contest for the age group 11 to 21 yrs in the form of IAFA. Every year we continue with the tradition and organise IAFA awards. Every year IAFA receives enormous amount of registrations and Ad DVD"s.