How to make Ad film and submit


1. Environment
2. Safety
3. Health & Beauty
4. Woman Empowerment
5. Child Nutrition
6. Water Conservation

View detailed explanation below.

11 yrs to 13 yrs
14 yrs to 16 yrs
17 yrs to 21 yrs

Remember you can make and submit one ad in each category.

1st Category:

Environment is an issue that is troubling not only our country but the entire world. From local to global this topic has tremendous potential.
The topic has two aspects, (i) the physical environment [Some examples of physical environment ads which also carry a public service message- Nokia - selling a cellular phone with the msg recycle your old phone, cell phone components are not bio degradable, Iceplex- PSA like RRR, stop pollution, save water]
(ii) social environment [Some examples of social environment ads which also carry a public service message isTata Tea/ idea - speak out against social evil, Iceplex- PSA vote/stop capitation fees, save the girl child]

2nd Category:

Safety is a topic of concern for everyone. From a person to an organization, this topic holds the key to awareness that will lead to a better life.
Safety topics include safety on the roads, homes, society, insurance etc
CEAT Tyres - selling bike tyres with msg's of road safety
Havels electric wires- prevent shocks
Godrej security solutions

3rd Category:

This category is of great importance as it involves taking care of oneself internally and externally.
It encompasses medical care from huge hospitals to the smallest tablet for pain relief. Beauty is a business and a huge revenue earner covering all aspects like looking fairer, younger, thinner, slimmer, prettier, it covers ads for all products from head to toe, both included.
Health products eg: eno 6 sec relief, vicks vaporub, goodnight advanced
Beauty: soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, talcs etc
Saffola cooking oil :
Kellogs :
Lifebuoy handwash:
Olay total effects:

I. Rules & Regulations [R & R]
  1. Register your name, select your Age Group and Category carefully and correctly, whilst filling in the name of your school - mention your city as well. For eg: RIS Kundanahalli, Bengaluru, RIS Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, RGS - Andheri (W), Mumbai.

  2. Write your name, school's name and ICE Code on the DVD with a permanent marker before submitting your work.

  3. The ad should be innovative and creative. Any use of vulgarity, swearing, violence, hurting religious sentiments or obscenity will be disqualified.

  4. The ad should be new/fresh idea. Any previously published or exhibited work will be disqualified.

  5. Submit your original work only. Logos, images, characters, music, tag lines etc of others' work must not be used. Otherwise, ad will be disqualified.

II. Do's & Don'ts [D & D]
  1. Make the ad on your own.

    Don't ask your parents or a professional for help.

  2. Save a copy of your ad.

    Don't erase or delete your final work.

  3. Remember the duration.

    Don't exceed ONE minute for your final ad.

  4. Check the DVD before submitting, to ensure that the ad has been transferred onto it without any errors.

    Don't forget the last date of submission.

  5. You can use a mobile camera, video camera or professional camera for shooting the ad. You can also use the computer to create a power point presentation or computer animation, but ensure good picture ad sound quality.

    Don't submit work of poor quality.

III. Tips & Tricks [T & T]
  1. Story board and tagline. Prepare a story board before shooting

    Click here for a sample of storyboard with story.

  2. Light and Sound.

    Remember the light should be proper on the actor/object/ scene, to ensure clear visibility.
    Click here for pics depicting: good and bad lighting.

    Clarity of dialogues is very important, use subtitles if necessary.
    If you are using (WMM) Windows Movie Maker this WMM Basic Tutorial will help you click here to know more...

  3. Good camera work

    Place your camera on a surface or tripod to avoid shaking/wobbling of your shots.
    Tilting and panning Zoom in and zoom out operations should be done smoothly to avoid blurring or jerks.

    Tripod example image click here...

    Tilting example image click here...

    Panning example image click here...

    Zoom In Zoom Out example image click here...

  4. Shot variety.

    Take different camera angles and try a variety of shots to make your work more interesting.

    Camera Angles example image click here...

    Framing Height example image click here...

    Framing People example image click here...

    Correct Background example image click here...

  5. Simple Animation. Clay animation

    Example of stop water pollution

IV. Important Information
  1. No DVD submitted will be returned.

  2. The applicant acknowledges that the work submitted is his/her own creation.

  3. The applicant grants unrestricted rights to use the work free of charge.

  4. Iceplex reserves the right to reject any film at any time for any reason.