Value Education Stories

Telecasted between 13-Feb-2011 to 22-Jan-2012 on SAHARA ONE

Story on Source of Problem

Story of Santa

Story on Bad Habits

Story on Father and Son

Story on Rumours

Power of prayer

Story on Faith

Be Happy, what u have

Motivation Story of
two brothers

Value of Time

Related to food

Coffee Cup

Life in a fast lane

Student and Teacher

Girl Child

Positive Thinking

Salt and Two Friends

Words and action should
be the same

Rain or Shine

Presence of God

Greedy Donkey

Box of Kisses

Wealth, Love and Success

A Lesson in Anger Management

A Boy and Chikoo Tree

Story of Two Friends

Story of jar with stones,
pebbles and Sand

Mother and Son Story

The Donkey Story

The Cloud Story

A Marble Story

Story of 500 Rupees

The Wooden Bowl

Story of Saas and Bahu

Story of Candles

Story of Carpenter

Echo of Life

Colors of Life

A Tale of Two Camels

The Best Pencil