Know more about Young Director...

There are many students who would like to attend workshops and courses related to media. However, some students find the travel to Mumbai, while others find the amount, unviable. This course hopes to realise the dream for these students. Ryan TV will come to your School/area for the 'Yound Director' course.

Course: One School Day (During School Hours)
This course will cover the basics of creative short film making using cell phone. The components are - Story Conceptualization & Story Boarding, Lighting, Camera Shots and Angles, Framing, Basic Stop Animation

Number of Students: Minimum 40 and Maximum 80 Students per School.

Grades: VIII and above

Course fee: To be paid in cash

What else does the student stand to gain:
1. Freebies: A media tool kit the participating students.

2. Wild Card entry: Every School will get one 'WILD CARD' winner who can enter Ryan's IAFA under a new category 'YOUNG DIRECTOR'. All 'YOUNG DIRECTOR' PSA Ad (any category) entries will be shortlisted and presented to the Jury for final selection of winners. One winner in each age group.

3. YJ's: will get personalized YJ badge. (Names will be printed on badge as sent by School)

4. Golden Certificate: For the winner of the Creative Capture Contest for the most creative pic.

5. Certificate: All students will receive a certificate of participation.

YD at a glance