BBN - Beyond Breaking News - T.V. News Presentation and Production Course

BBN - Beyond Breaking News helps to guide and train young minds to sharpen their thinking by introducing them to the age old values of ethics, accuracy and integrity and exposing them to real experiences of news production. The students are given online theoretical training followed by hands on practical training at a fully equipped studio. BBN thus broadens the choice of careers in the field of media throughout the summer BBN has seen over a hundred students this year and similar number last year as well. The response of the students during this course was absolutely stupendous.

Age Group 11yrs to 21yrs
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About BBN

The Need for the Course.
According to PwC's Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2010-2014, consumer spending on digital content will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1% during the five years to 2014.
Source:14th Annual CEO Survey - Entertainment & Media Sector Summary 5

In order to capture eyeballs the news channels are working overtime to maintain their lead and increase their share in the growing Broadcast Industry. In the absence of proper media training vis-à-vis news coverage, news gathering, news presentation and news production; the stuff that is being churned out can be improved.

Whatever training is being imparted is mostly theoretical in nature and hands on experience is severely lacking. The biggest concern going forward is not the size of the workforce, but its quality, loyalty and mobility. Asked to name their key talent challenges over the next three years, E&M CEOs highlighted the limited supply of candidates with the right skills...
Source: PwC's 14th Annual Global CEO Survey, Entertainment & Media Sector Summary 3

Moreover with the advent of Internet, the news gathering is now instantaneous. The above course has been designed keeping in mind the web as well as hands on training inside the studio both for production and post production work.

Embodying the vision of Chairman RIGI, Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, of equipping the students with skills to explore and realize their multiple talents, the Ryan International Schools, through its media initiative Ryan TV, launched Beyond Breaking News, a course for the benefit of those students interested in T.V. News journalism.

Since 2009 over 3313 students from Ludhiana, Gondia, Surat, Vapi, Delhi, Noida, Gr Noida, Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Pune, Bengaluru, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai completed the BBN course. These students can be seen on TV channels, Social Media Networks like Facebook ( fb/youngjourknows ), YouTube ( youtube/RyanInternationalTV and youtube/RyanGroupofSchools ).

These programmes are in two different languages and offer our students a wonderful opportunity to explore their creativity, talent and skill. It is indeed unprecedented that the students after completing the course are immediately being given a platform (through the Young Journosknows programmes on air) to acquire fruition of their efforts, gain experience and not to mention the national visibility which only adds to their confidence.

Some of these student YJs thanks to their training have been employed in local TV stations and Doordarshan.

Course Details.
There are 12 Modules covering all aspects of T.V. News Presentation and Production.

    1. What is News.
    2. The T.V. News team.
    3. Video Shooting and Audio.
    4. Scripting News.
    5. Packaging News.
    6. Conducting T.V. News Interviews.
    7. Vox Pop.
    8. Stand Up or P To C.
    9. Lead/Cue Writing.
    10. Conducting/Organising Press Conferences.
    11. Becoming the Best T.V. Newscaster.
    12. Ethics & Guidelines of a T.V. News Journalist.


Aim of the Course.
The aim of the course is dual in nature vis-à-vis the T.V. news journalism.

A. Course On Line Data [COLD].

The first weeks will familiarize the course participant with the peculiarities and challenges of online journalism, to identify news and current affairs topics suitable for telecast for various target audiences, and to plan, research and write articles dealing with current affair topics. Students will be given online Tasks after each chapter has been completed and the same will have to be submitted within a given timeframe. Necessary online tutorial support shall be provided to the participants via Course On Line Data.

B. Hands On Training [HOT].

1 week Hands On Training for all the participants which will include operation on a multi camera setup inside a T.V. Studio, lighting, lenses and usage, framing, depth of field, sound recording and video recording system on a single camera set up, script for newscast, familiarization with post production non linear editing techniques. They will be taught: How to conduct T.V. interviews for the bulletin and to make the course participant aware of the ethics of T.V. news journalism.

Multi Tasking.
The entire course is based on the principle of multi tasking, as production and presentation of news is not only team effort it is essential that each member of the T.V. News Team know how each unit functions.

Team Member & their Responsibilities

News Editor

Heads the team and approves the script/ video for broadcast

Newscast Producer

Lines up broadcast and order of stories/ controls panel during T/C.

Camera Person

Records the audio & video both online & offline


Gathers facts, conducts interviews, appears on camera & writes the script.

Video Editor

Edits the news rushes with the reporter.


Reads the news online, mostly live.

(During the training course the above team members will be selected on the basis of their interest however, each team member will be required to learn at least 2 responsibilities in order to learn multi tasking.)

Limited Seats.
The idea of the course is to ensure that person-to-person marking is being done so as to ensure complete comprehension of the course.

Below given is a general Time Table




Lecture By

1 9:00 - AM
5:00 PM
Welcome & Intro - Recap of Modules.
Lunch Break.
Recap of Modules / Team Leaders
Run Order / Story selection.
Head Content Development
Shibani Sharma
  Homework Script writing - Story & Anchor as per R O  
2 9:00 - AM
5:00 PM
Technical Lecture.
Camera Handling/Audio/Video/Chroma Key
Lunch Break
Technical Lecture cont
Head Technical Operations
Mr. D S L Prasad
  Homework Script writing - Story & Anchor as per R O  
3 9:00 - AM
5:00 PM
Technical Lecture.
Lunch Break
Scripting / PSA Shooting
Anchor Shoot
Head Technical
SS / Team Leaders
  Homework Script writing - Story & Anchor as per R O  
4 9:00 - AM
5:00 PM
Full Day. Anchor Shoot/ Reporter Shoot.
All Teams as per time limit.
All capturing/ editing line up.
Lunch Break
Team Leaders
    Editor - capturing of shoot  
5 9:00 - AM
5:00 PM
Full Day
Shooting / Final editing / Packaging
Lunch Break
Team Leaders
    Editor - capturing of shoot  
6 - Certificate Distribution & Viewing of News Bulletin. Entire Team

(The above given timings are tentative. Timings can change according to situation)

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